Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask A Lawyer, But Were Too Afraid to Ask

Friday July 12th | Galmont Hotel | 4:15p.m. – 5:15p.m.

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Join Barrister Caroline Langley as she explains the legal process as it relates to film production.

Caroline Langley is a Barrister with over 30 years of industry experience. She practices in 4 jurisdictions including Ireland, England & Wales, the USA and Hong Kong. She advises both individuals and corporations and is a key figure in international law, recently spending 5 months at the European Court of Justice. Caroline is particularly skilled at translating opaque concepts into comprehensible everyday language enabling the artist to comprehend, protect and manage the direction of their work. Now settled back to her native Ireland she is delighted to have the opportunity to contribute her legal skills to promoting Irish film and protecting the rights of its artists.

In this session will develop your understanding of legal concepts necessary to clarify the goals and expectations of all parties at the outset of a film project. That legal framework will then  be applied throughout the progression of the film’s development over 5 stages. The session will cover the following:

    1. Protecting your idea
      Registration, Copyright and Non-Disclosure Agreements
    2. Documents: Term Sheets, Agreements & MOU’s
      Drawn up prior to the formation of any partnership, collaboration, time & or extension frameworks, including addendum and timed exit strategy provisions.
    3. The Law
      Which countries’ laws will prevail in a dispute and why is this an important consideration?
    4. Money
      How to structure and receive payments, royalties, taxes, grants and profit sharing. How to set out and determine ownership of assets, debts and obligations.
    5. Applying the above to the 5 stages of film creation
      • Stage 1 Development & expressions of interest. Initial Investor financing agreements
      • Stage 2 Pre-production 6-9 months. Initial funding release
      • Stage 3 Production
      • Stage 4 Post production
      • Stage 5 Marketing & Release


Following the session Caroline will be available for a Q&A with attendees.

This is a Free Event but places are strictly limited.

Please RSVP to gar@filmfleadh.ie if you wish to attend.