Workshops highlighting the career of an experienced individual within the audiovisual industry
2019 Master Classes

24th Galway Film Fair Thursday 9th - Sunday 12th July 2020

Each year, the Galway Film Fair hosts a series of masterclasses, drawn from across a variety of film industry professions. These masterclasses offer you, the audience, a chance to get up close and personal with and ask questions of successful cinema industry luminaries. Looking for acting tips? Want to find out how the director got that shot? Needing some notes on how to progress that script?

Applications for masterclasses will open in June.

Scroll down to view our archive of previous masterclasses and explore the connectivities we’ve offered in the past.

Actors Masterclass

This workshop is aimed at actors working or wanting to work more in the recorded media. It will provide an intensive interactive environment guided by a leading expert in the skills, methodology and aesthetics of film acting whilst dealing with all the common fears and questions actors have regarding work in front of the camera.

Past actors have included:

Directors Masterclass

This workshop covers the role of the director; what is the director's job; from script to screen; relationship with; producer, writer/story editors, director of photography, subjects, editor and composer. The processes of post-production; editing, juxtaposition and montage, construction of artificial time and space, use of music, analysis of selected scenes from the films and creation of authorship in editing.

Past directors have included:

Screenwriting Masterclass

This masterclass is designed for participants who are pursuing a career in writing for film and television and will focus on some of the following aspects:

  • Writing for TV/Film
  • Characterisation
  • Plot
  • Structure
  • Dialogue

Past screenwriters have included:

Producers Masterclass

Past facilitators:

Animation Masterclass

Past facilitators:

Casting Workshop

Taking place each year since 2012, in association with Hubbard's Casting.

Post-Production Masterclass

This masterclass can cover a range of topics, including:

  • The challenges facing Post Production today
  • Budget and schedule pressures being placed upon film-makers
  • How the move from film to digital has changed the landscape
  • What 3-D has done to change Post Production
  • How the proposed increase in frame rate has come about
  • How these changes can affect the future of storytelling

Past facilitators have included:

Television Writing and Development Masterclass

A one off workshop, on the renaissance in television writing in the past decade.


  • Lisa Albert (Writer/Producer, Mad Men) // Ciaran Donnelly (Producer/Director, Titanic: Blood and Steel, Camelot and Director, The Tudors) // Neil McCarthy (Editorial consultant, Freemantle Media)